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Every worker is entitled to a job environment that is safe and free from all foreseeable dangers. For the most part, employers take that responsibility seriously and are careful to adhere to all federal safety standards. But unfortunately, thousands of workers sustain injuries on the job every year – and some of them die or suffer from permanent disabilities.

Worker's hard hat imageUnder South Carolina workers’ compensation laws, employees who are hurt on the job may receive benefits to help cover the cost of medical care, lost wages and other financial burdens. Workers’ compensation payments are available to most people regardless of occupation, no matter if they spend 12 hours per day on a construction site or eight hours in front of a computer.

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What You Should Know About South Carolina Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws were developed so that employees who are hurt on the job can receive compensation for their injuries without having to prove that their employers were negligent. It does not matter whether the accident happened randomly, or even if it was your fault – if it happened on the job, you are eligible for compensation.

South Carolina MapWorkers’ compensation benefits apply to almost every employee in South Carolina, with the exception of agricultural, railroad and federal workers (among a few others). Small businesses with fewer than four employees are also not required to pay workers’ compensation benefits.

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Although workers’ comp laws were developed to prevent lawsuits, sometimes injured employees run into problems in securing the benefits they deserve. For example, conflicts may arise if your employer’s insurance carrier does not want to pay for all of your injuries or puts pressure on you to return to work before you are fully healed. The S.C. Workers’ Compensation Commission was created to settle such disputes. An experienced workplace accident lawyer can help you prepare for a hearing before the commission and, if necessary, appeal your case to South Carolina’s higher courts.

To help you understand more about South Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws, we have pulled together information about the claims process and some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our clients.

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