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South Carolina Disability / Workers’ Compensation Resources

Suffering from a disability or workplace injury can be devastating to your health and your finances, but there are programs to help. Social Security disability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance provide benefits to injured individuals in South Carolina who are unable to work or who are limited in the work they perform. Workers’ comp also helps pay for medical bills and other expenses related to at-work injuries.

Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand their legal rights regarding either Social Security disability benefits or workers’ compensation benefits. The Manning law firm of Land Parker Welch LLC wants to make sure you have the information you need to get your preliminary questions answered. We have compiled a list of resources that could help answer some of your questions.

Getting help from an experienced South Carolina disability lawyer or workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to protect your legal rights. Our law firm prides itself on treating its clients like family. When you call Land Parker Welch LLC you won’t be talking to an automated service. You’ll get to speak directly with a Manning attorney about South Carolina’s workers’ compensation system and Social Security disability programs. Our lawyers remain committed to your case from start to finish.

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South Carolina Social Security Disability Resources

The following resources can help those who are considering a South Carolina Social Security disability insurance claim:

  • Social Security Disability Contact Information for South Carolina – This site provides contact information for disability determination services and professional relations officers in South Carolina.
  • Social Security Online South Carolina Offices – This site provides information on local Social Security offices in South Carolina.
  • South Security Information Frequently Asked Questions on Disability – This site provides a list of links relating to applying for Social Security disability benefits. Resources available include a guide to applying for benefits, information on income taxes and disability benefits, details on supplemental security income versus Social Security disability insurance and a host of other links to helpful information about Social Security disability.
  • SC Access: This site provides a comprehensive guide to available resources for disabled people in South Carolina. Information about benefits is also provided in the Benefits Bank. 

South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Resources 

The following resources can help those who are filing a South Carolina workers’ compensation claim:

  • Workers Compensation Commission – This site provides a wealth of information for workers, including links to a FAQ, contact information for personnel in the claims department, and a link that allows you to log in to check the status of an eCase.
  • The South Carolina Accident Fund- The fund is the leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance in South Carolina. The site provides a link to report an injury, find a medical provider, and get information about claims, among other things.
    • South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation – This site provides detailed information on the obligations of employers and employees as well as resources for where to turn for help.
    • South Carolina Code of Regulations Chapter 67 – This site provides a link to the workers’ compensation statute in South Carolina.
  • U.S. Department of Labor: OSHA – This site provides information on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and on work-related safety issues.

Get Help From Our SC Disability and Workers’ Comp Lawyers

These websites can provide you with a good starting point for researching Social Security disability insurance and workers’ compensation. Remember, however, that there is no substitute for legal advice. A mistake made in applying for benefits can cost you money and time. Don’t take a chance on a do-it-yourself endeavor. Instead, contact Land Parker Welch LLC today at (803) 435-8894 for a free consultation. You can also fill out our online contact form.

Our South Carolina accident and disability attorneys have more than 120 years of combined experience assisting South Carolina residents to obtain the benefits they deserve.

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