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Industrial Accidents and Workers Compensation

industrial accident lawyer in south carolinaIndustrial workers in South Carolina are regularly exposed to a variety of risks that include falls, burns, and danger from heavy machinery and equipment, as well as overexertion injuries and toxic exposure.

Industrial accidents often occur in unsafe conditions where workers use faulty machinery and equipment. Industrial accidents can leave workers disabled and unable to continue to earn a living. The most severe industrial accidents are fatal.

When an industrial worker in South Carolina is injured or dies in a job site accident, the worker or the worker’s family are usually eligible for workers’ compensation benefits to assist with medical bills, loss of income and other costs of his or her injuries. But many who qualify for and need workers’ compensation may find that they must fight to get it.

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How and Why Industrial Accidents Happen

Among the most common accidents at industrial work sites are:

  • Falls from ladders, scaffolding, and roofs.
  • Falls into holes that do not have barricades or other guards.
  • Fires and explosions.
  • Electrocution.
  • Chemical or other toxic exposure.
  • Being hit by falling objects.
  • Becoming caught in or mangled by unguarded equipment.
  • Overexertion from heavy lifting.

These types of accidents may be caused by:

  • Human error, which may be due to lack of training.
  • Failure or ignorance of safety procedures, or failure to follow safety protocols.
  • Lack of personal safety equipment or failure to properly use it.
  • Faulty electrical wiring.
  • Poorly maintained equipment, machinery, pipelines, etc.
  • Improper handling of flammable, combustible or toxic materials.

An injured employee must usually report the incident to his or her employer within 90 days to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. The employer should then report the accident and injury to his or her workers’ compensation insurer as well as to the S.C. Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Obtaining Workers’ Comp Benefits May Require a Fight

If you have suffered a serious injury at an industrial site, you may have a right to workers’ compensation benefits for your medical expenses and other losses. This includes future lost wages if you have suffered a partial or total disability that is permanent. If a worker has been killed in an industrial accident, the surviving spouse, minor-age children, and other dependents may have a right to benefits for the family’s loss of income and expenses related to the accident.

Employers sometimes fight claims for workers’ comp benefits made by injured employees or their families. Workers’ compensation benefits are paid through insurance that employers must purchase, so the insurer, as well as an employer facing higher premiums, may be interested in minimizing or avoiding a payout.

This is where an experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney can help victims of an industrial accident.

Most people are not ready to deal with the Workers’ Compensation Commission or to counter an employer’s or insurance company’s claim that their request for benefits is invalid. But an experienced lawyer can help make sure you are treated fairly and that you get the benefits you deserve under South Carolina law.

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