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Paralegal Margaret Shreve

Paralegal Margaret Shreve plays an integral role in Land Parker Welch LLC’s Social Security Disability practice area.

Margaret has focused the majority of her work time in that area since joining the firm in January 2007. She enjoys working with clients who come to the firm needing legal assistance in obtaining disability relief. When meeting and interviewing these clients, she and the attorney typically review their health history and medical records to determine whether they qualify for disability. If they do, she asks for additional medical records and performs research to make sure that Social Security disability guidelines are met.

“It’s a daunting process to get disability,” she says. “It can be frustrating because there are a lot of steps you have to go through to get there.”

Oftentimes, she says, these clients have been trying on their own to get disability for years—and oftentimes their resources have run out.

“It can be a humbling experience, especially in this economy because people are losing their jobs,” she says. “And there are a lot of people who are disabled that are still working. When they’ve worked all their life, and then they lose their job, it can be embarrassing for them to come in.”

Margaret derives her greatest satisfaction from her job when a client successfully obtains disability relief at the conclusion of the oftentimes arduous process.

“That’s the best part—when you get it for these people,” she says. “That’s really nice because they deserve it.”

Margaret is a native of Kentucky, but lived in Charleston, S.C., earlier in life. She returned to Kentucky and worked at several law firms, first as a legal secretary and then as a paralegal after getting her degree by going to school at night. After her husband retired in 2006, they investigated prospective new places to live in South Carolina and settled on Manning—in large part because of the attraction of Lake Marion. Ten weeks after they moved to Manning, Margaret started work at Land Parker Welch LLC.

In her spare time, Margaret enjoys yard work at their home on the lake, as well as boating and fishing with her husband.