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Will I Get Compensated for Missing Time from Work Due to Injury?

Work InjuryWhen a person in the labor market suffers an injury, they may be forced to miss work as a result of that injury. If the injury was incurred while on the job, or while performing a work-related task, however, workers’ compensation insurance may compensate the worker for their missed time from work. If you are wondering how to get South Carolina workers comp pay for missed days, refer to the following—

How Much Will I Get Paid for Missing Work?

According to South Carolina code, Title 42 – Workers’ Compensation, a worker who is injured on the job is entitled to compensation at a rate of 66 ⅔ percent of their average weekly wage, but not less than $75 a week, and not more than the average weekly wage as determined by the state of South Carolina. For example, if you are used to recovering an average weekly wage of $1,000, you would be entitled to approximately $667 per week for the duration of your injury.

When Will Payments Begin?

The state of South Carolina requires a seven-day waiting period before benefits begin. However, if you are out of work for a total of more than 14 days, then you will be eligible for payment for the initial seven days of your injury and missed time from work as well.

How Long Will My Payments Last?

You can continue receiving 66 ⅔ percent of your average weekly wage until the doctor over your case releases you back to work.  In no instances may payments continue for a duration of more than 340 weeks, unless a person is determined to be “totally and permanently disabled,” in which case the timeline is extended to 500 weeks.

What if I Am Totally and Permanently Disabled?

According to the South Carolina code cited above, a person is considered to be totally and permanently disabled in the event that they lose any combination of the following two: eyes/vision, arms, shoulders, legs, feet, hips, or hands. If a person is permanently and totally disabled and this injury results in paraplegia, quadriplegia, or brain damage, benefits will be paid for life.

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